Verse Chocolate

Our Story

Verse chocolate is the result of innumerable treks across the globe, untold hours of conversations with people from distant lands and a sincere dedication to studying the best methods of crafting chocolate. Your participation in that journey begins with your first bite of our Original dark chocolate.

Verse has “cracked the code” on how to make a dark chocolate less bitter without the use of sugar. It starts with cacao bean fermentation at the farm. The fermentation process of cacao is directly related to the taste and sweetness of what becomes chocolate. Verse can deliver a high cacao content with all the creamy sweetness of a lower percentage.


Uncommon Cacao Ghana Beans


"Verse has “cracked the code” on how to make a dark chocolate less bitter without the use of sugar."

 We do this by maximizing the amount of cacao in our chocolate, and thus retaining the beneficial properties cacao has to offer, without sacrificing great taste. Verse knows that when you have something that’s worth saying, you want to say it well. So, like any well written verse, we articulate something meaningful in an elevated and precise way, balancing high quality ingredients and incredible taste.

Verse is proud to partner with Uncommon Cacao as a sourcing supplier of our transparently traded, ethically-sourced, high quality cacao beans.  Together, Verse and Uncommon Cacao endeavor to build a more fair and sustainable specialty cacao supply chain and deliver a delicious dark chocolate that we can all feel good about. Learn more about our transparent supply chain and local farmer impact here.


CEO Scott with cacao bean farmers