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Let this be the month to replace less forgiving habits with delicious and healthier ones. The easiest way to start a new healthy habit is to subscribe to one. Just click a button, make a selection and wait for the healthy chocolate habit to begin. We recommend one to three Verse medallions per day, so a package a week should keep you stocked up on Verse!

How it Works


Choose between our Verse Original 12-Count box (weekly or monthly) or Original 6-pack (monthly) options. Both come with a 10% savings when you subscribe!

Receive Your Deliciousness

We ship your chocolate each month on the day you added your subscription. We'll charge your card on the same day of the month and you'll be able to track your package as your chocolate makes its way to your doorstep!

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Enjoy your healthier indulgence as a delicious part of your daily lifestyle. Savor it, share it and tell us what you think at or via social! As a VIP member of the Verse Community, you’ll be the first to know about new flavors, promos and more!

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